Our Knowledge and Experience

Advanced materials have driven the evolution of technology throughout history. At Hadron, we combine our expertise in Materials Science, Engineering Design, Process Integration, and Fabrication to provide a complete process solution for our customers. We have innovative ideas and a unique results-oriented approach to technology development and deployment. READ OUR BROCHURE HERE



Hadron Tech Signs Exclusive License Agreement for Hybrid Microwave System - SRNL

The microwave system is used to support gas sample analysis as part of the SRS national defense mission. Laboratory experimentation has shown that the new form of hybrid microwave is capable of performing functions that traditional microwave systems could not achieve.

Hadron Introduces LDA 1800 Microwave Insulation

Hadron has recently developed a hybrid insulation system proven to improve life, efficiency, and maximum temperature range of microwave furnace applications.  The LDA 1800 system uses custom formulated low density alumina along with a proprietary segment containment method.

Hadron Technologies Focuses on Energy Efficient Melting Process

Hadron's microwave-based melting and casting seeks to minimize the energy intensive nature of traditional melting processes while reducing harmful emissions. In-house R&D and production systems are available for demonstrations.

Products: Custom Technical Ceramics

We have hundreds of ceramic body formulations and can form crucibles, tubes, rods, and plates to match your specific application.  Standard crucibles are also in stock and ready to ship. 

Products: Microwave Crucibles

Hadron's MFH-57 ceramic body has been formulated for maximum performance in microwave melting and casting processes.  Ask about our 1400 cubic inch crucibles.  Custom sizes available upon request

Products: Custom Fabrications

Hadron's integrated approach to fabrication builds upon expertise in complex fabrications from stainless steel, aluminum alloys, as well as traditional structural fabrications for nuclear, oil/gas, transportation, and numerous other industries.